Salsa Music Artist Focus – Fania All Stars – part 1

I’m focusing on some amazing Salsa artists, this time Fania All Stars! (part 1)

Over the next few months I will be focusing on some amazing Salsa artists, this month Fania All Stars. Here are just some of my favourite tracks.

Fania was a record label that brought all the genres of Latin music together under one umbrella term called “Salsa”. Fania helped bring Salsa to the world stage and toured the “Fania All Stars” around the world. The rest is history!

Lejos De Ti – Angel Canales –

Aguanile – Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe –

I Like It Like That – Pete Rodriguez –

Sonido Bestial – Richie Ray y Bobby Cruz –

Plastico – Ruben Blades –

Otra Oportunidad Jimmy Bosch –

Indestructible – Ray Barretto

Quimbara – Celia Cruz –

I’m using Spotify so you can listen to these tracks and find others on the same albums too!

Enjoy and share!

p.s. let me know which tracks you love and would like to hear posted & played!