Beginners Salsa music – part 2

Beginners Salsa music part 2! – Here are some of the fab Beginners Salsa music tracks we enjoy dancing to in our classes!

Acid – Ray Barretto –

Big Apple Boogaloo – Brooklyn Funk Essentials –

Conteo Regresivo – Gilberto Santa Rosa –

Don Camionero – Rudy Victorino –

Dundunbanza – Sierra Maestra –

El Baile Del Boogaloo – Sonora Carruseles –

El Más Rico Beso – Guayacan Orquesta –

El Pito – Alfredo Linares Y Su Sonora –

I’m using Spotify as you can listen to these songs and find other fab songs on the same albums 🙂

Enjoy and share!

p.s. let me know which tracks you love and would like to hear posted & played!