Salsa & Bachata music week 8

Each week I will post a few links here for Salsa & Bachata that I love to dance to, they will be a little random but all great! I will delete the previous weeks posts as I go to keep the Blog uncluttered, so download the music you like and share this post. 🙂

A track for beginners/Improvers to help with timing, one we use for our classes, notice that each time they start singing the verse or the chorus (the bit that repeats over again) they start on the “1”. In the middle of the song it goes into instrumental then back to singing though the timing changes slightly after the instrumental, they still start on the “1” for the chorus but the first half of the verse starts on the “6/7”, the second half on the “1” again. See if you can hear what I mean? If not come to the classes and I will point it out as we dance to it in the lesson. Enjoy!

Johnny Pacheco & Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez – Yolanda –

A gorgeous Bachata track to hear the bass we talk about in classes. See if you can hear the bass running throughout the track, 1, +3, 4, 5, +7,8 (and repeats).

Yoskar Sarante – Vale La Pena –

Enjoy and share!

p.s. let me know which tracks you love and would like to hear posted & played! 🙂

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