Salsa & Bachata music week 11

Each week I will post a few links here for Salsa & Bachata that I love to dance to, they will be a little random but all great! I will delete the previous weeks posts as I go to keep the Blog uncluttered, so download the music you like and share this post. 🙂

A few people have asked for beginner tracks, so here is a track we play in the classes. Berna Jam – Scuola Di Salsa – (This link is on Spotify as I can’t find it on YouTube) Berna Jam – Scuola Di Salsa Listen to the track and notice how the instruments build starting with the Clave 2/3 then every 8 counts another instrument adds itself, the Tres
Bongos, Maracas, Guiro, Bass, Congas, Piano, Campana, Trumpet (4×8 counts), Trumpet solo (4×8 counts), Piano solo and it then repeats the same flavour as it started with.

A gorgeous Bachata Tango track for our class next Wednesday, Tokamadera – Hablame Luna

Enjoy and share!

p.s. let me know which tracks you love and would like to hear posted & played! 🙂


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