Salsa & Bachata Blog – week 13

Salsa & Bachata Blog – music week 13

Each week I will post a few links here for Salsa & Bachata that I love to dance to, they will be a little random but all great! I will delete the previous weeks posts as I go to keep the Blog uncluttered, so download the music you like and share this post. 🙂

Over the next few weeks I will be posting some of my favourite 5 star tracks, the first one I brought to Bristol from hearing it in London, no one had heard it before but it became a big dance floor filler! It’s called Via by Al Delory –

Over the next few weeks I will be posting some Bachata tracks that I was dancing to when I first started dancing Bachata. Ven tu – Domenic Marte

I danced to the ‘Ven tu’ track (not choreographed!) 7 years ago with a good friend Tanya, we did it for fun and not serious. You will see I have habits that I tell my students not to do too! I think I’ve improved since then. 😉

Enjoy and share!

p.s. let me know which tracks you love and would like to hear posted & played! 🙂

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