Dominican Bachata

All of the tracks are examples of some of my favourite Dominican Bachata singers. Also a little explanation of the Bachata steps you can do with the music.

A gorgeous track and one of my favourite singers at the moment,
Joan Soriano – Su Lado de Cama

In this track right at the start, 13seconds in you can hear the guitar hitting the music counts &4 &8, here you can add the syncopations, try it while doing the Dominican Bachata forward basic step, or the Dominican basic “box” step. This track we play in class while doing those sorts of syncopations.
Zacarías Ferreira – Dame Un Beso

Another track to play with the guitar using syncopations, here you can use the 3&4, 7&8 for the syncopations.
Kiko Rodriguez – El Verde De Tus Ojos

Another fab Dominican Bachata track,
Andy Andy – Agua Pasada

A great Bachata track to hear the bass we talk about in classes. See if you can hear the bass running throughout the track, 1, +3, 4, then 5, +7,8 (and repeats).
Yoskar Sarante – Vale La Pena

Enjoy and share!

p.s. let me know which tracks you love and would like to hear posted & played!