The best of Fania Salsa music part 2

Fania Salsa music part 2 – Here are just a few of the very many fantastic Salsa tracks from Fania I enjoy dancing to every time!

Fania was a record label that brought all the genres of Latin music together under one umbrella term called “Salsa”. Fania helped bring Salsa to the world stage and toured the “Fania All Stars” around the world. The rest is history!

Mambo Gallego – Tito Puente –

La Esencia Del Guaguancó – Pete El Conde y Johnny Pacheco –

Toro Mata – Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco –

Abran Paso – Ismael Miranda Larry Harlow –

NaboriCheo Feliciano –

Gypsy Woman Joe Bataan (My current favourite! Listen to the track and it will stay with you all day long!)

Bang Bang Joe Cuba –

El RatonFania All Stars – (Check out the video with the Fania All Stars, see how many greats you can spot!)

Enjoy and share!

p.s. let me know which tracks you love and would like to hear posted & played!