Beginners Salsa music – part 1

Beginners Salsa music part 1! – Here are some of the fab Beginners Salsa music tracks we enjoy dancing to in our classes!

Fanfarrón – Quinto Mayo –

Modern Way – Kaiser Chiefs –

La Temperatura – Quinto Mayor –

Royal Marcha – Robin Jones (Raj Gupta Vocal Mix)

Palo De Mango – Quinto Mayor –

Yolanda – Johnny Pacheco & Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez –

Nabori – Cheo Feliciano –

Scuola Di Salsa –Berna Jam –

I’m using Spotify now as you can listen to these songs and find others too on the same albums 🙂

Enjoy and share!

p.s. let me know which tracks you love and would like to hear posted & played!