Salsa On2 music tracks

Here are some Salsa tracks that are nice to dance On2 Salsa to.

Salsa On2 is another way to interpret Salsa music, in our classes we teach Salsa On1 but many people also like to dance On2. Many of the tracks below hit the Clave for the 2nd beat and the Conga slap on the 2nd and 6th beats that helps keep timing for dancing On2.

Noche De Salsa – Ray De La Paz –

Wild Rose (Sweet mix) – Toda Perez de Traba –

Turn Off The Lights – La India –

Mambologia – Maximo Rodriguez y Sus Estrellas Panameñas –

Pensando en Ti – Cheche Mendoza y Su Noche –

Llego Good Sho – Good Sho – (Not available on Spotify)

Scuola Di Salsa – Berna Jam –

A Bailar La Rumba – Franklin Veloz – (Not available on Spotify)

I’m using Spotify now (when I can) as you can listen to these songs and find others too on the same albums 🙂

Enjoy and share!

p.s. let me know which tracks you love and would like to hear posted & played!